The sun has heated and provided energy to the earth for over a billion years. The sun’s energy is basically solar radiation hitting the earth. By harnessing the power of these rays with a DIY solar panel or water heater, it is possible to generate energy in the form of electricity and hot water.

There are two types of solar powered water heating systems. They are liquids or air contained in solar collectors (a collector is basically a system in which a fluid is heated by sunlight) that are heated directly by the sun.

Both of these do-it-yourself water heating systems work by collecting and absorbing the heat radiation created by the sun. The sun’s heat is transferred directly to the solar energy storage system.

Home solar hot water systems are very economical when used to replace expensive heating methods such as oil, electricity and gas. But I recommend that you budget for around $8 per square foot of collecting area. Overall costs will ultimately depend on the size of your roof.

Heating your home during the winter with DIY solar panels will significantly decrease your dependency on the national grid. The added benefit of using home solar power is that the amount of pollution created by your home is also decreased.

There are many guides and plans for solar hot water systems available. Some good and some really horrible. Please make sure the website you are ordering from is reputable before providing your credit card details.

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