Personality tests have always determined whether a person is type A or type B and have sought to guide the individual towards the appropriate profession, but recent reports of groundbreaking personality tests that are used to determine what type of ringtones should used for a person’s mobile phone, it’s definitely a revelation of sorts. With the fury of ringtones reaching mobile phone users today, there is a great need to customize ringtones to reflect the style and personality of the user. And the easy accessibility of sound editing software and techniques at virtually no cost only enhances the scope of customization.

Yes, ringtones have become a vital fashion statement and lifestyle indicator. It’s no longer just the phone’s manufacturer, model number, and physical characteristics of the phone that do the trick. The ringtone has become an essential part of the package which is a subtle expression of the user’s taste and personality. From Scooby Do Where Are You ?, The Simpsons and Sesame Street to teen songs like Dawson’s Creek, Bond and Beverley Hills. Rhythm waves are unfathomable. And the union of cultures worldwide only lends itself to this burgeoning industry. Bollywood with its wide reach has become a popular subject for mobile phone rugs. The movie ringtones have become part of the movie’s pre-release promotions. So next time you’ll meet a movie buff when you “hear” one.

Ringtones reveal the user’s personality, set the mood, and become an instrument to distinguish the user from the crowd. They can also be used to determine the relationship with the caller. Assign a funny ringtone for your best friend, something nicer for your partner, and a warning tone for your boss! By using free and readily available audio recording software, enthusiasts can record their own voices in a variety of tones to reflect their attitude and also address the caller with a tone of voice and manner that can be a characteristic feature of the way the user usually addresses the caller. Because these ringtones include the name of the caller, they can be assigned to the appropriate contact in the address book. This takes customization beyond simply customizing the phone and changing its case and wallpaper to replicate it on futuristic devices with artificial intelligence similar to that of sci-fi movies. That is a revelation of the personality itself!

Websites dedicated to ringtones offer a free personality questionnaire that helps users determine which of the free ringtones available on their website matches their personality. And hey, if you can’t find one that matches your personality, just go ahead and compose one using free sound editing software on various websites. For music lovers and those with a good “ear” for mixing, websites have software that allows you to mix tracks and generate special effects on the desired ringtone clip. Having done that, an individual has just become an accomplished ringtone DJ. A mixed ringtone speaks, or rather plays, a lot about an individual’s interests.

Ringtones have truly become the most innovative form of self-expression, with dozens of websites dedicated to this industry. One can find ringtones for festive seasons, or sound clips of famous people, or even just random noises that break up the clutter. The possibility is infinite. Websites have also started ranking their ringtones in top preferences similar to ‘Top Ten’ playlists and this makes it easier for users to keep constantly changing their ringtones to suit their mood. or occasion. The ringtones effectively speak the user’s language and therefore the ringtones in linguistic languages ​​are available to those who are more rooted in their culture and mother tongue.

So go ahead and ditch that ‘tring tring’ for something more outrageous.

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