A critical element of knowing how to tile is having the correct tools and materials for the job. There is a saying that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. That doesn’t mean you have to have the latest or most expensive models. It’s just about having the right tools and materials for the siding job you want to do.

To lay ceramic tiles on the floor, these are the tools and materials you will need.

1. A tape measure. This is absolutely essential. You need to be able to accurately measure the area where you are going to tile. One need for how to lay the tiles is to know the measurements of the area to be tiled so that you can calculate how many tiles you need;

2. A good drill with a mixing paddle. A sturdy model is preferable. You can rent one, but if you plan to tile in other home d├ęcor projects in the future, it makes sense to buy it;

3. A wet tile or saw. Again you can rent or buy;

4. A chalk line. A must to make sure you lay the tiles in a straight line;

5. A notched tile trowel to spread over the installation material. This will give you a rib pattern ensuring a uniform material thickness. Choose a trowel size suitable for the size of tiles you will be using;

6. A grout float. This is used to force the grout into the joints between tiles. The face can be made of rubber or foam;

7. Tile spacers. These will be used to give uniform joints between tiles. Please choose the size according to the size of the grout line you want;

8. A bucket and a sponge;

9. Setting compounds and flexible additive. There are many setting compounds on the market. Choose one suitable for ceramic tiles. The flexible additive is vital and ensures that the tile does not crack when people walk on it;

10. Grout;

11. Backsplash (1/4 inch thick) if installing on wood floor. It is not necessary if ceramic is placed on a concrete floor;

12. Protective equipment, such as safety glasses, gloves, coveralls or old clothes and knee pads (knees take a bit of punishment when a tile floor is laid); and last but certainly not least

13. The ceramic tiles of your choice.

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