Napoleon Hill and others have said that one of the secrets to success is transmuting your sexual energy into creative entrepreneurial energy. Hill says this is why men generally succeed only after age 40, when they lose interest in pursuing women and thereby transmute their sexual energy into business instead of wasting it. Other writers have given advice on how to transmute sexual energy into creative energy, but few explain the process.

Some people have naturally transmuted their sexual energy into success. Think of the nerds you met in high school who became very successful in business. The assumption is that due to their poor social skills they were unable to achieve sexual success, so they turned their attention to technical issues and created incredible technical inventions. Bill Gates is often used as an example; however, I really don’t know what he was like in high school.

The ancient philosophies of Eastern religion had very explicit instructions and practices designed to transmute sexual energy. The commonly practiced “aah” meditation is actually based on the transmutation of sexual energy.

Guru Baba explains that the mechanism of “aah” meditation is to move the creative energy from the sexual chakra to the higher chakras using the creative sound of “aah”. It talks about using sound to move energy upward through each of the chakras that ultimately lead to the forehead chakra. There, the energy will create whatever you are visualizing in your third eye.

The most comprehensive study I have found on the transmutation of sexual energy is found in Steven Chang’s Tao of Sexology. The ancient Taoist understood the basic workings of the human body and its animal instincts. Rather than trying to suppress or fight animal instincts, as many modern religions teach, Taoists embraced animal nature and used it to benefit the body and life in general.

In Taoist teachings, the sexual nature of humans is not condemned in any way. Sexual energy can be used to heal the body, improve productivity, improve relationships, and also in creative manifestation. Of all the religions and philosophies that I have studied, the Taoists seemed to be the only ones who really understood the power of transmuting sexual energy.

In our modern society, sexual stimulation is everywhere. This overstimulation is often condemned by religious and humanitarian groups. This form of sexual stimulation often results in the waste of sexual energy or in the channeling of sexual energy into destructive pathways.

Advertisers, politicians, drug companies, and crime bosses know the power of sexual stimulation to motivate people. Entire industries are based on ways to boost sexual prowess or satisfy these urges. However, all of these methods only dissipate sexual energy in unproductive or wasteful ways or lead to more destructive uses of powerful sexual energy.

Many of the so-called men’s magazines use sexual images of women to promote the idea that highly sexual and attractive women are somehow inaccessible and unattainable. They can only be found as fantasy on the pages of his books. This form of sexual stimulation leads to separation and loneliness rather than love and unity.

Sexual energy is the most powerful force on earth. It can be used to bring people together in love or it can be used to create separation and division. It depends on the way the energy is concentrated or transmuted, as Mr. Hill calls it.

All material existence is based on the energy of thought combined with strong emotion. Sexual energy is the ultimate combination of the two. Many people only see the ability of sexual energy to procreate and reproduce a species. However, that same energy that can create a new being can also be used to create anything you want.

In fact, sexual energy is already being used to create the life you live. However, for most people it is used ineffectively and the energy is weak because it is being dissipated or wasted in useless sexual activity. Or that energy can be consciously repressed through guilt or other beliefs that using sexual energy is wrong or wrong.

To understand the power of sexual energy, take a few moments to fantasize about a sexual situation. Within seconds of having a clear fantasy in your mind, you will feel your body begin to react. Depending on how you feel about the fantasy, you may experience hot or cold extremities. His pulse will race and if he continues with the fantasy, he will become sexually aroused. If you continued the fantasy even further, you could probably orgasm with the power of your mind alone.

Now realize that it is possible to use this same energy to manifest other things you want in life instead of just orgasms. As if orgasms weren’t enough.

So how do you focus and use your sexual energy to manifest the things you want instead of wasting them? The first step is to train the body to manage its sexual energy. The Taoist deer exercise is designed for this purpose.

Deer exercise trains the muscles of the body on how to control the flow of sex hormones and other bodily fluids associated with sexual energy. In men, sexual energy is normally completely wasted through the ejaculation process. This release of energy is the reason why men feel so exhausted and sleepy after having sex. The deer exercise teaches men how to control ejaculation and how to separate the pleasure of orgasm from ejaculation and the loss of vital fluids and sexual energy.

Through the injaculation process, men can maintain their sexual energy and also achieve multiple orgasms. Sexual energy is not lost during this type of sexual activity and the pleasure of orgasm is not distracted by the flow of seminal fluid. Many health benefits are also obtained through the conservation of seminal fluid that contains vital energy.

To learn deer exercise, see Steven Chang’s Tao of Sexology or my other articles. This article will focus on how to transmute sexual energy once you have learned to conserve it.

To use your transmuted sexual energy, follow these basic steps:

Begin by accumulating sexual energy. Deer exercise can be used for this purpose or you can use any other form of sexual stimulation that brings you joy. You may want to practice this only in the beginning, as having a partner can be distracting. However, once you have mastered the sexual transmutation process, having a partner in your manifestation process will multiply your power.

Once you have built up your sexual energy and reached a state of ecstasy and joy, begin moving the energy through your body to the higher chakras. Contract your pelvic floor muscles to pump hormones into the endocrine system. Make the deep “aah” sound from your diaphragm to help move the energy.

You will likely experience a tingling sensation in your spine as your energy rises. Move the energy first to the creative chakra. Visualize bright yellow colors as you feel your creativity expand. If you have any kind of problem in your life, now is the time to think of creative solutions. Don’t waste your sexual stimulation by focusing too much on the problem. Allow only the solution to enter your mind and then let it go. Follow up with the “aah” sound to help move the energy.

Move the energy into the heart chakra. Feel the power of love and sexual energy combine. Feel a loving appreciation for your sexual power and energy. Experience increasing joy and ecstasy as sexual energy transmutes into love.

Now continue moving the sexual energy into the throat chakra. Feel the vibration of the “aah” sound as it resonates in your throat. Feel the power to express your wishes. Feel the tingling on your back. If your sexual energy begins to fade, return to your sexual stimulation. Build up as much energy as you can without releasing it through ejaculation.

Now bring the sexual energy to the level of the third eye. Feel the power of your love and sexual energy on your forehead. Feel the tingling on your back.

Now imagine what you want to manifest. Picture it clearly and feel the emotion you want to feel. Keep your visualization simple and brief so that you are not distracted from your source of sexual stimulation. Now direct the full power of your orgasm to visualization. Imagine that your desires are already in place and you feel the orgasmic sensation of satisfaction in their manifestation.

Squeeze your pelvic muscles to send bursts of energy through your body. Allow the sounds of pleasure to escape your mouth.

Keep sending blasts of energy to your desires as long as you feel happy doing so. Don’t push yourself to exhaustion. Just enjoy the flow of energy. Maintain the state of ecstasy as long as possible. Take some time before going back to your normal routine. Let the energy germinate and become your desired manifestation.

This process of sexual transmutation has been used for thousands of years to create events that appear miraculous to the outside observer. Due to our modern sexual beliefs and practices, it may take some time to master this method of sexual transmutation. However, you may find that exercise is enjoyable enough to do every day or several times a day. Through constant practice, you will get better and better in the process. Then you will be amazed at the results.

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