In the last 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity and related health problems. Food trends that promote larger portions, unhealthy foods, and limited physical activity are only part of the problem. Busy lifestyles and longer work hours are also contributing factors.

Currently, statistics show that almost two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. Studies show that the prevalence of obesity has steadily increased among both genders, all ages, spans all racial and ethnic groups, and affects people of all educational levels. Since 1960, the number of overweight people has increased from 45 to 66 percent, with the largest increase after 1980.

If current trends continue, obesity will soon overtake tobacco as the leading cause of preventable death in the US Obesity can increase the risk of numerous health conditions and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

But there is a solution … weight control. That means weight loss and a corresponding lifestyle change to maintain it. Losing weight is the first step and, surprisingly, it is the easiest part of the process. We put all our energy into losing weight and spend little time planning how to keep it off. The result is the yo-yo effect – the experience of taking it off, getting it back, losing it again, only to get it all back … and more.

As a society, we are programmed to want things to happen faster, with less effort. We want to change without changing. The desire for instant results creates the environment for the yo-yo to swing uncontrollably for years, sometimes for a lifetime.

But don’t despair, there is a solution. As we move into a new decade, we have a new opportunity to do it differently this time. We can start over and plan for our success. We can create a new lifestyle and live the best life possible.

In the past, the explosion of fast foods and instant mixes gave us the false sense of security that we were still getting the same nutritional benefits that we used to get from fresh, whole foods. Now we know that this is not true.

We have sacrificed good nutrition for comfort. We consume tons of empty calories, making our bodies crave the nutrients it needs. The evidence is in the increasing levels of obesity in our children and adults. Never before have so many children developed what used to be mature adult diseases, such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes. All of these conditions can be traced back to poor eating and exercise habits.

Fortunately, we are waking up! More and more people are realizing that change is not only necessary, it is necessary for our children to survive and have a longer lifespan. Research shows alarming statistics that, for the first time in our history, today’s generation of children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

The time to act is now. And thanks to new insights into how the body works, a return to more natural whole foods, and an increased focus on physical activity, we are changing things. We now know that rapid weight loss is not necessarily the best way. We know that losing weight is only half the battle; that if we want to avoid it and experience better health, we must learn new habits to replace old ones.

So whether you choose a reduced eating program like Weight Watchers or Nutri-System, or a dietary supplement like Acai or Hoodia, you must include a lifestyle change to maintain weight loss and get maximum long-term benefit. .

I have been dieting intermittently for most of my life. I’ve done yo-yo and ho-ho on almost every diet. It wasn’t until I learned how to make my diet work for MY lifestyle and planned my life after dieting that I finally achieved the success I had always dreamed of.

You can do it too. I’m offering a free report packed with tips to help you get through tough times and handle the real-life situations that often sabotage our weight loss and push us out of the weight loss wagon. I encourage you to do more than diet this time. This time, choose a weight loss program that you can live with and create a plan to handle the challenges you know to come and to change your lifestyle after reaching your goal. It will greatly increase your chances of success.

Here are 5 things you can do to get on the right track:

1. Be prepared for those ‘moments of temptation’. Make your own snacks and take them with you.

2. Carry water with you at all times. You have to drink it anyway, make it easy.

3. Eat your first meal within 2 hours of getting up. You will avoid the lion of hunger!

4. Eat 4-6 small meals at 2-3 hour intervals, instead of 1-2 large meals.

5. When eating out, ask for a doggie bag when ordering and put half of your food in it before eating.

It is a new year and a new decade. Make this year the year you don’t just keep your resolve to lose weight, make it the year you take it off and don’t get it back … forever!

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