Louis Vuitton can be very strict with its policy when it comes to customers who buy its products. This is because they are very interested in protecting their brand. Because some people may be blacklisted for doing certain things, this article will tell you 3 reasons why you may be blacklisted.

1. Buy multiples of the same model

If you are suspiciously buying more than 2 of the same model at the same time, you may be blacklisted. Buying too much of the same model is a big red flag because Louis Vuitton hates scalpers and counterfeiters, so if you ever buy more than 1 or 2 bags at a time, you might be accused of being a scalper.

There are price differences between countries and they just don’t like that people take advantage of that and buy only to resell in different places for profit.

2. Too many returns

If they see you return too many items, they will be very suspicious. Many of the reasons people return used bags could be because they are simply buying to counterfeit them.

3. You bought online

Louis Vuitton has a limit of 5 items per calendar year for a combination of bags and/or SLGs. By shopping online, your order history can be tracked more easily and if they see any patterns that indicate you are a reseller, you will be banned.

For people who go to stores, they may be able to avoid buying items over the limit if they pay cash. It’s just so much easier to track customer purchases online.

There are also cases where Louis Vuitton Paris will have more restrictions for the Chinese, where they are only allowed 1 bag per customer. There are rumors that LV Paris may have some unofficial policies when it comes to certain clients. This is a big problem for Chinese in Malaysia who want to go to Paris and buy cheaper LV bags there.

Many Chinese in Paris will ask other people passing by to buy them LV bags. When you buy an LV, the shop assistant will ask for your details, such as your passport, and write down what you have purchased.

For Malaysians, you can buy a maximum of 3 bags, but they must all be of a different model and design.

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