Photography is a great hobby and interesting too. Although there are some people who simply have that eye for great photography, you can nevertheless learn some techniques and tips in photography and eventually develop your ability to take stunning photographs.

To help you get started with the basics, here are 5 things to consider when taking great photos.

1. Light. Light is the essential element of good photography, and by knowing how to use and play with it, you can also learn how to capture dramatic moods in your photos. You need to consider how much light is reflected off the camera and how many shadows you want to appear in your image to create a dramatic effect. You can determine how many shadows are in your image by also determining the best angle for taking the image. If you love taking landscape photos, one of the photography tips to remember is to take photos early in the morning or at the end of the day.

2. Angle. Changing the angle of your photos can mean more dramatic and impressive photos. Ordinary photos are often those that are taken at an angle that you would likely see if you were standing in front of the subject or location. If you want to take impressive photos, change your angle to more interesting ones. You can shoot from closer to the ground, or you can also shoot from above the subject or from some other angle that is not normally seen.

3. Composition. One of the important tips in photography, and a basic one that every aspiring photographer should master, is learning how to compose your photos. Proper composition allows you to convey the message you intend to convey in your photography, as it is the composition that will help the viewer to grasp the meaning of the photograph. One of the basic rules of composition is the rule of thirds. Although this rule is never strict, learning it can be the foundation for taking stunning photos. However, you can bend it and still take impressive photos, but it is still important to learn how to do it so that you also know how far you can deviate from it and still make great compositions.

4. Framing your images is another great technique for taking dramatic photos. Especially if you are photographing a landscape, you can use close-up images as “frames” for your photo. One of the most common techniques used to frame images is to add an overhang from tree branches, tree trunks, windows, or fences.

5. Time is also an important consideration when taking your photos. Especially if you are taking pictures of events and happenings, it is important that you can capture the image right at the moment the action happens and that moment that really tells the story of what you want to convey.

In fact, you can learn to take better photos. You can learn them one by one and you will eventually learn how to make better images next time.

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