During a brief period of my youth, I worked temporarily for an importer of cheap Chinese goods. In fact, I was completely blown away by the marking of some of the plastic things we imported, so cheap in fact, I used to separate them just to see what was inside, after all I could buy some of these items for around a dollar. I remember taking apart a small cigarette adapter for a cell phone. I was surprised at how cheap it was made, but how good it looked on the outside. It worked, it worked fine, but there was nothing.

Buy 1,000 at a time and it was priced at $ .89 and if you buy 100 it is still only $ 1.19 and yet they retailed for around $ 15.99 as an impulse item; Talk about a margin, wow. Okay, let’s talk, shall we?

While I was in the car wash business, we used to have those items in the car wash lobby for entrepreneurs who needed them. At that time cell phones were new and minutes were expensive, not like today, therefore only entrepreneurs really had them as they could justify the cost, and yet they still made their phone calls as short as possible, and some had cell phones. phone bills over $ 800 per month.

Nowadays, the quality of these little accessories hasn’t increased much, although I’m sure they are a bit better due to the rules and regulations and UL ratings. The price is not much more than what they were back then. The margins are still incredible, so there is a lot of money available on that deal. In fact, if you offered a small business owner who was selling a cell phone accessory device as little as $ 5, their markup would still be 100%, and that’s paying a third of the normal price. So even with all the inflation over the years and the loss of the dollar’s value, people who sell plastic cell phone accessories still have incredible profit margins that really create hefty profits.

It’s amazing how valuable information is these days – those who know where to get boxes of these types of items can make a killing, and all those little cell phone shops that can sign you up for service with one of the bigger carriers. , you would not believe how much money they make with all those accessories, or how much in bonus they are willing to pay, the sellers were able to get you to buy these items on impulse. Consider all of this and think about it.

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