Red Dead Redemption is an action-packed video game developed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox by the well-known RockStar San Diego. The latest version of the game is scheduled to be released in mid-2010. And not to mention the eager fans recount the moments.

The game is made in the same vein as the GTA series; however, Red Dead Redemption offers a much broader scope for the player to experiment with the in-game environment. Red Dead Redemption makes it possible for players to determine how they would like to play by providing them with dozens of possibilities. The sense of morality present in the game gives an extraordinary touch to the game. It takes place around the last days of the American Wild West.

Red Dead Redemption will be available online at Amazon, which has already opened its reservations expecting the usual rush and obsession for it.

The game is quite remarkable. You can find somewhere almost 40 animals waiting to be hunted in the footsteps of the participants. The various locations and accents have given it a fairly realistic appeal. One more enjoyable thing is the range of weapons the player has access to.

The arena is really large, encompassing three distinctive areas and checkpoints with different types of inhabitants. Red Dead Redemption consists of many gun games and combat sequences with a third-person perspective of the player. This game even has an online game option where a maximum of 16 people can fight each other in a single game session.

The product is compatible with Xbox and PlayStation. It can also be played on PC with a PC version that will be available soon, although it is not confirmed by the developer. Red Dead Redemption will be sold outside of the US as a limited edition product and has plans to launch it in Australia and Great Britain.

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