The “That’s what I call music!” The compilation series has made more than thirty CDs, including country and Christmas issues and a Power Ballad album. Each season, the team puts together a hit compilation featuring the best songs from that period. The following review of the So Fresh Hits of Spring 2010 CD will help you familiarize yourself with the series and album. – before you buy it.

Hits of Spring includes 20 tracks and a DVD. You can also get the lyrics online, it could be a good thing for those road trips with your friends!

The album begins with a strong projection, begins with Enrique Iglesias and his collaboration with Pitbull.

The song “I Like It” is Iglesias’ first number one hit since 2001’s “Hero.” A favorite of many, in my opinion, the song is competent, if not outstanding. I was pleased to see Iglesias broadening his musical appeal and I liked the combination with Pitbull. It’s a great-sounding dance floor that pleases the public and is fast becoming a hit on the charts.

Also featured on the album are newcomers Taio Cruz and Mike Posner, who spent weeks at the top of the charts with their debut songs.

Both songs are young but fun songs that spent so much time on radio playlists that they got stuck in your head, whether you liked them or not. You will surely recognize these. Fortunately, “Dynamite” and “Cooler Than Me” are two sleeping hits, songs that grow on you after you listen to them more than a few times, which is what you want from a full-length CD compilation like this.

Usher’s second hit single of the year, “DJ Got Us Fallin ‘In Love”, is more of a dance song, while “OMG” was a club song, but “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” is a good one. example of an artist who sounds mature while still singing songs that fit perfectly with what all twentysomethings sing.

Ke $ ha’s contribution to this album is his fourth single from his debut album. “Take It Off” matches Ke $ sha’s party girl image perfectly, but it straddles the line of being sexy and seductive without being trash. Unfortunately, and perhaps a bit harshly, she’s often called a second-rate Katy Perry, if that helps you get a slightly better feel for her music.

Train and Rihanna have songs on this CD, but while they are great songs, none of their contributions were their best singles of the year, even so far: Train’s “If It’s Love” was definitely overshadowed by the success of “Hey Soul Sister” and Rihanna. The single “Rockstar 101” was not as successful as “Rude Boy”. Still, it’s nice to have a couple of solid songs on the established artist album.

Of course, there would be no “hit list” CD without one, if not more, contribution from Justin Bieber. From his hit album My World 2.0, “Somebody To Love” is Bieber’s latest release, a collaboration with Usher that, like all his singles, topped the charts.

The good times keep rolling for this boy wonder! I’ve gotten over it, so it’s jarring for me to see a sixteen-year-old artist who looks and sounds like he’s fourteen singing about needing to find someone to love, but this song is in the top three nonetheless. singles by Justin Bieber. , so make a worthy inclusion in the album and you will enjoy it.

All in all, the So Fresh Hits Of Spring 2010 album is a diverse and upbeat compilation CD with many songs that are sure to please.

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