The slider design is extremely smooth, and for a change, it’s pretty slim, making you wonder how it can hold so much in so little space. Sony Ericsson makes another record in that the handling of the W995 walkman phone has been made very easy to use in stark contrast to its previous models, which are known to be difficult. Add to that a few extra features, like a flip-up kickstand so you can ‘stand’ on a table while listening to music or posing for a photo. This sure comes in handy for those who hate keeping their beloved phones on the table for fear of scratches.

Sony Ericsson has once again demonstrated its precision in smooth movements with the slider on the W995 walkman phone. The top panel accommodates 6 keys including regular call and end call, plus two programmable keys. The keyboards may seem awkward at first glance as they are only slightly raised and diamond-shaped, but using it once will prove you wrong. The W995’s keyboards provide unprecedented precision and are a joy to type on.

Modest features include a 2.6-inch screen with a 240×320 screen resolution. This limits the display of images in optimal quality but, again, the W995 is a walkman phone and you shouldn’t expect too much. The built-in speakers work very well and Sony Ericsson seems to be making peace with its stubbornness with the W995 walkman phone like an extra 3.5mm headphone jack on the top right of the W995. Automatic screen rotation allows users to work on the screen at four different angles and considering it to be a must among the latest high-end phones, Sony Ericsson also successfully incorporates it into the W995.

You wouldn’t come across a Walkman phone like the W995 with an 8.1-megapixel camera, but as mentioned above, Sony Ericsson has tried to pack cyber capture features into the W995. The 118 Mb internal memory tends to make people’s jaws drop, but Sony Ericsson offers an 8 GB memory card which seems to meet the minimum requirements, as the images from the camera itself can accumulate a lot of memory. memory.

Sony Ericsson’s famous ‘shake’ is another feature, albeit a rather redundant one, as it involves holding a key to the side of the phone, which defeats the purpose of playing music easily, as well as making you look silly if you’re in your seat. worked. or in public. Bluetooth and WiFi are of the usual standards and the W995 also comes with live video streaming software that allows you to watch your favorite TV stations. GPS enablement and a host of other Sony Ericsson software such as VideoDJ, Music DJ and PhotoDJ round out the remarkable features of the W995 Walkman phone.

The W995 Walkman phone comes in 3 different colors which is a good tip for women and it weighs 113 grams. With a music playback of 20 hours and a GSM talk time of 9 hours, the Sony ericsson W995 walkman is priced at $380.

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