Las Vegas, the fun city in a desert, is famous for the different possibilities it offers to tourists. The Strip, a Las Vegas street known for its many resorts, shines not only with its lights but also with its glamorous venues recreated in cities around the world.

Most hotels are considered attractions in themselves and these offer free shows in the side streets, such as dancing fountains and erupting volcanoes, among others. There are also unique museums, interesting shows, and many other activities. Travelers can also take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, as well as venture into the surrounding hills and mountains to do something recreational.

Tourists can visit Las Vegas at any time of the year. They can sightsee in the colder temperatures of winter and enjoy the daytime assets of summer, even when the temperature could soar above 104 degrees Fahrenheit.


The 2.5-mile-long Strip, which is the central part of Las Vegas Boulevard, runs through the city from northeast to southwest.It has huge entertainment palaces, most of which have been built with a typical theme, as well as hotel rooms of luxury, excellent restaurants and performance venues. The Strip is especially attractive at night due to the endless series of bright neon signs that light up the city.

Many tourists love to stroll the Las Vegas Strip and enjoy the views. The Strip stretches primarily from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Treasure Island Hotel. If visitors ever want to really experience Las Vegas, they must stay at any of the major resorts on the Strip.

Helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

A helicopter ride can offer the best view of the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. There are some companies in the city that offer visitors helicopter tours that take them around the city and the Strip or even further up to the Grand Canyon. This way, people who can only stay for a short time have a chance to see Las Vegas, as well as the surrounding mountains and hills that are among the most popular and impressive natural attractions in the US.

Venetian hotel plus gondola rides

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is located on the Strip, across from Treasure Island. Here, visitors will enjoy one of the best resorts in the city with interesting tourist attractions. There is a themed shopping arcade inside that resembles the city of Venice with its blue skies, gondoliers, and canals. The hotels also have recreations of top Venice attractions, such as the Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sight, and many others.

Another fun way to see the complex is through Venetian gondola rides. The boats outside and in front of the Venetial Hotel near the sidewalk are there for personal gondoliers to take visitors for a ride through the hotel’s shopping arcade.

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