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The Soufriere Market in Morocco is considered as one of the oldest markets in Africa. This bustling market is located in Rabat, a city which has been the capital of Morocco since the thirteenth century. The Soufriere market is one of the best places to find souvenirs and second hand items. This market is home to a number of souks, or soulless buildings that sell everything from hand crafted carpets to hand made metal pottery and glassware. If you are visiting Rabat, it is important to take some time to see the market while it is open. However, if you would like to have an easy trip to the Soufriere Market while touring Marrakech city, you can simply take a taxi to the Marrakech Old Town.

The Soufriere market is one of the oldest markets in Morocco; however, it is also one of the busiest. The Soufriere market is a great place to find some of the finest handicrafts and art pieces from all over Morocco. In addition to this, there is also a large number of other things to do in Marrakech. Therefore, when planning to include the Soufriere market in your itinerary, it is important to take these two items into consideration:

What you need to know for your first visit to the market the oldest is the history behind the building. The Soufriere was built during the thirteenth century by the Berbers, who were originally from the southern part of Morocco. The name of the town that the market is situated in is Marrakech, which means ‘without noise.’ The reason that this old town is one of the most important destinations in Morocco is because of the sounds that it makes. This was done to protect the city from any attack from the enemy. You can hear the market regularly, but it is best to go there when it is not crowded.

What You Need to Know For Your Visit to this Spectacular Market the Oldest of Its Kind

The second item that you will need to know for your Soufriere market trip is its importance. The market has been very useful to both local people and visitors ever since it was built. For one thing, it acts as an open air museum where different types of goods are sold, ranging from antique items to modern furniture and souvenirs. You will also find a large number of handicrafts on sale at the market, including carpets, woodwork, metalware, and many other items that you would find nowhere else in Morocco.

A visit to the Soufriere market also involves a trip to the old parts of the city. You will see the main square, the commercial and residential buildings, and the gardens and mosques. All of these buildings were built during the thirteenth century. Soufriere is located along the River Rif and you can cross it at the old part of the market.

For those people who want to experience what Soufriere market is all about, it is better to prepare your itinerary before hand. Knowing what you need to know for your Soufriere visit is very helpful, especially if you plan to go there with your whole family. Soufriere is a market town and shopping is the main activity. Soufriere is also a good place to get souvenirs and spend your time while in town. There is no doubt that this market town in Morocco is the oldest continuously running.

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