Let’s start with a short history; Originally, the Trolls will not put their allegiance to any faction, but in a special circumstance the Darkspear Tribe will join Warchief Thrall during the events of Warcraft 3 and have since become part of the Horde. Although they practice voodoo magic, shamanism, and priestly magic, they also have strong warriors who are excellent hunters. His racial mount is the Raptor, which you can buy from Zjolnir in Sen’jin Village.

Trolls skills and the best class to use them

As a troll, you can choose to play as a warrior, hunter, wizard, rogue, shaman, or priest. Hunter, Warrior, Rogue, and Shaman are the most recommended classes for Trolls because these classes are using their full potential; These are the useful skills as Troll:

  1. Regeneration – passive; will increase your regeneration by 10% permanently. This ability will come in handy no matter what class you choose.
  2. Bow Specialization – Passive; your best friend if you choose the path of a hunter, as it will increase the chance to critically strike with bows by 1%.
  3. Launch Specialization – Passive; You won’t need this one unless you’re a rogue, it will increase your chance to critically hit with thrown weapons by 1%.
  4. Killing of beasts – passive; a useful skill whatever class you choose to grind beasts; It will increase the damage you deal to beasts by 5%, which is very useful in a long battle. A hunter can make good use of this ability, as he can track beasts.
  5. Da Voodoo Shuffle – passive; reduces the duration of all movement impaired effects by 15%. A hunter can use this ability for kitesurfing and PvP, while a rogue can use it to get close to their enemies, as they require proximity to the target. Shamans can use it while fleeing battle and a warrior can use it in PvP.
  6. Berserking; It will increase your attack speed for ten seconds, if you have played Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne you must remember this ability. In WoW, your attack speed will increase with more damage taken. At full health, the speed bonus is 10% and the range bonus is 30%. As a rogue, you can combine this ability with Slice and Dice for good attack speed and bonus damage. If you choose to be a warrior, you can use this ability while wielding a slow weapon to increase speed and damage. It is also a great tool for a melee and for casting shamans. Berserking is a huge damage boost, so if you plan on using it, don’t forget to tell your party mates first so they don’t heal you when you’re berserking.

As you can see, the Hunter class gets the most boost from Trolls abilities, making it the best class if you play Troll; Just remember to keep your distance, Da Voodo Shuffle will be of great help in this matter, and don’t forget to use Berserking when you get the chance. Rogue, Warrior, and Shaman can also take good advantage of trolls’ abilities.

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