Refurbished Phone Go Through the Same Testing As a New One

Whether you want to save money or you simply prefer the look and feel of a refurbished phone, it’s a great option for anyone in the market for a new handset. Refurbished mobiles undergo testing that can be similar to that of brand-new models, and many come with a warranty to quell any worries over the device’s condition.

The answer to this question will largely depend on the retailer or seller, but in general a refurbished smartphone will be thoroughly tested, cleaned and may have its internal components replaced if necessary. The screen will also be inspected for any scratches or blemishes, and the battery will often be replaced to improve performance. Other common tests include confirming that the buttons and cameras work properly, and checking how well it connects to Wi-Fi and 4G/5G networks. Many sellers will also wipe any data that’s stored on the device so you can start with a fresh setup.

Some refurbished smartphones will even be updated to the latest operating system to ensure that they’re running smoothly, and are protected from security breaches or software bugs that can appear over time. However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t always possible and will only be offered if the device has enough life left to do so.

Does a Refurbished Phone Go Through the Same Testing As a New One?

Most retailers will have a grading system for their refurbished phones to set fitting prices and inform buyers of what to expect from each device. A grade A, for example, typically indicates that the phone is nearly flawless and has been wiped clean from any previous owner. Grades B and C, on the other hand, will have a few minor scratches or dents and are more likely to have had a previous owner, with a few more visible signs of wear than their higher counterparts.

The grading process will vary between sellers, but the most reputable brands will have some clear explanation of how they assess their refurbished products somewhere on their website. For example, T-Mobile states that it puts its Certified Pre-owned and Refurbished devices through an 80-point inspection process that covers everything from power and display to audio and buttons.

Other refurbished devices will be available from high-street shops like Argos, which has partnered with second-hand mobile brand Aznu to offer a range of “like new” refurbished handsets that promise extensive testing and a 12-month warranty. Similarly, O2 promises that all of its refurbished devices are “as good as new” and have undergone an extensive 90-point check.

The process will also be different for retailers that own their own refurbished stores, and for those who partner with third-party refurbishers, such as Gazelle, which claims to have a socially ethical mission to recycle used devices. The latter will often make repairs and replace parts as needed to pass the inspection, while ensuring that each device is still working in the same way it did when it was new. It will also be important to check whether any refurbished devices you are considering have been returned or exchanged by previous owners before you buy, as these will be less likely to pass the rigorous testing that many manufacturers conduct before selling their own branded refurbished phones.

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