Face When Renting Student Accommodation in Lincoln

Moving away from home for university is a big step and choosing where to live is a vital one. With so many student houses and flats to choose from, finding the right one can be daunting. Luckily, Lincoln has an abundance of quality private accommodation close to the city’s top universities.

With its winning combination of a buzzing city centre and historic Cathedral Quarter, Lincoln is a great place for students to be based. It’s small enough to explore fully and offers a mix of cobbled streets, independent cafes, big-brand bars and restaurants. It’s also home to the Magna Carta and a number of other historical landmarks.

Lincoln student accommodation is well served by a choice of both purpose-built halls and private student apartments, with most providing en suite bathrooms, high-speed internet access, TV licences, laundry facilities and kitchens. These properties are usually priced between PS109 and PS158 per week and offer a range of amenities, including secure entry systems, on-site security and common room games areas.

When choosing your student home, it’s important to think about how much you’re willing to pay and what facilities are most important to you. Generally, most student homes in Lincoln are offered on fixed contracts of 37, 43 or 52 weeks. While 37 week contracts are most popular for purpose built student flats, shared houses tend to be let on a 52 week contract, as they’re in higher demand and allow landlords to make more money per term.

Ten Pitfalls You May Face When Renting Student Accommodation in Lincoln

In terms of costs, it’s important to remember that the price you pay for your student home will include both your rent and bills. Some landlords will include all utility bills, such as gas and electricity, while others will only include your rent and you’ll need to pay for your own utilities. Whether or not you’re paying for your bills depends on what the property is advertised as and it’s always worth checking what’s included before signing a tenancy agreement.

Residential life programs and events organized by the accommodation provider further enhance community building. Workshops, cultural events, and sports tournaments foster interaction and encourage students to develop social skills, empathy, and cultural sensitivity. These experiences go beyond the classroom, facilitating personal growth and broadening perspectives.

For many students, living in a house with a group of friends is preferable to renting a single room. This arrangement drives down the per-student cost, and helps to create a more sociable environment. However, there are plenty of smaller, studio-style student rooms available if you don’t feel the need to share a house with a group of strangers.

Landlords often impose additional charges for things such as furniture removal, cleaning services and garden maintenance. These fees can add up over the course of a year and can significantly increase the overall cost of your student housing. Some landlords may also require students to pay a guarantor as a form of security against damage.

Renting Lincoln student accommodation is a good investment for landlords, as students are willing to sign up to long-term leases and pay the full rental price during term time (unless they apply to stay over the vacation period or have been allocated a room through a housing ballot). In addition, most students will act as guarantors, which can help reduce landlord risk.

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