Every now and then you need to write free ebooks to attract new subscribers in your niche and increase your subscriber base. You don’t need to spend money creating ecovers of these very professional looking ebooks. A splendid look would be nice. So how are such ecovers created? Read on to find out.

There is an easy way out. You only need to have the title of the book and the image that you are going to put ready. You also need space for the author’s name. With these items in hand, you can continue to create a great ecover for your book.

These are the steps:

1) Open a Microsoft Word document.

2) On the navigation bar, select the “Insert” menu item and drop a text box into your document and choose a background color for the text box. Write the title of the book in a suitable font and select a good font color for the title. Delete the outline of the text box.

3) Pressing enter moves the cursor to the next line. Depending on the size of your image, it is up to you to create the proper alignment of two text boxes and the middle image to fit on one page.

4) Select the image by clicking “Image” under the “Insert” menu item in the navigation bar. Initially place the image on the desktop to make it easy for you to select and open the image. Once the image appears in the document, you can reduce or enlarge it by pushing or pulling on the edges of the image. When you’re satisfied, keep it.

5) Under the image, place another text box and do the same procedure as before with the first text box. Only here will you put the author’s name with a font color and a font type that appeals to you. However, the background color of the text box must be the same as before.

6) Next, place a large text box over the entire page of the document that covers everything on that page. Then select the same text box background color as before.

7) From the navigation bar in the “Page Layout” menu item, expand the “Send to back” item and select the “Send text behind” item. And all the above textboxes will appear with the matching background color and the image you had previously put.

8) Correct the positions and alignment of the text boxes and the image correctly. You can check if it is ok by selecting “Print” in the upper left corner of the navigation bar and going to “Print Preview”. And there you have it: you have a splendid ecover created for your gem book. Of course, once you’ve finished writing your document, you need to convert it to PDF. This can be easily done in the Word document by selecting “Save As” in the upper left corner of the navigation bar and going to the PDF option.

Creating great ecovers for free e-books is great this way without spending money to look highly professional. Yes, this is an amazing shortcut to create wonderful and magnificent ecovers for your precious e-books that you want to freely distribute.

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